Sunday, June 19, 2016

Straw Bale Garden Update #4

Hi fellow gardeners! 

All is well with most of my plants. Pulled up the small squash plant. It was being shaded by the other one I planted beneath it on the side of the straw bale. This is the largest yellow squash plant I have ever grown/seen! Had a yummy squash casserole tonight.

Will have to pull up the tomato plant that was infected with Tomato Rust. I will get 3 tomatoes from this plant. After I sprayed it with Neem Oil the fungus continued to spread. My other two Tomato plants are (thankfully) disease free.

This is a view from the other side. You can see that the Cherry Tomatoes have grown like crazy they are taller than me! And the Cucumbers are not far behind. The Basil is doing very well as are my Cayenne and Jalapeno Peppers. The Red Bell Pepper isn't doing that great due to the huge squash plant shading it. The Cilantro plant has gone to seed. Will sow them in a planter in part shade. This was the best tasting Cilantro ever!

We have been in a moderate drought (again). Thankfully I got two rains in the last week. Nothing like a good old rain to make your garden grow and become tasty. 

This has been a great learning experience in gardening. Hope your garden is doing well.

Wishing Peace, Love, Health and Wealth to ALL!  



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