Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mason Bees: A Friendly Pollinator

"What is a Mason Bee?" I asked my son when he gave me a Mason Bee house for Mother's Day. "They are blackish bees that don't sting. They do more to pollinate than any other insect. You have seen them. Look them up." he replied. 

I did a Google Search on them and he was right. I had seen these smaller bees but didn't know they were bees. Never really thought about what they were or what they did. Just another nameless bug flying around flower blooms. 

After reading several articles about them I realized that they are a very important bee. They are great pollinators and will only sting you if cornered or squeezed. They are native bees throughout the United States. Bumblebees and Leafcutter Bees are their cousins. 

    Photo Source: Mason Bee Osmia lignaria

Being non-aggressive they are great to have around your yard/garden. They are solitary bees unlike Honeybees. 

The best way to attract them is putting up a Mason Bee House. I already have three hole plugged with the "mason" like mud at the end on mine. 

My son told me to hang it where it doesn't get the afternoon sun. My shed was the perfect place for it. At first I wasn't sure if the Mason Bees would find it. 

There are quite a few sites online with articles about Mason Bees. This is just one: How to Attract Mason Bees  Just do a search for them in your state to get more information. 

There are several DIY sites to show you how to make a Mason House. Build a House for Mason Bees is just one good (how-to) site. 

If you would like one ready to hang up...just buy one.  You might find one like my son and my daughter-in-law did at a local Herbal/Organic Shop. There are also many online stores that sell them. I will add one that Amazon sells on my side bar. 

Many Thanks to my son and daughter-in-law for this wonderful gift!

Wishing Peace, Love, Health and Wealth to ALL!



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