Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Forever Celery Plant

I like celery and buy it often. Did you know that you can easily regrow one from the root end of that bunch you just brought? I didn't either. I decided to give this a try since it sounded simple and easy. Started my celery the last week in March. This plant grows fast!

First you take the bottom end and put it in a bowl of water. I used a wine glass. 

In a couple of days you will see some tiny green leaves starting to emerged.

The outer edges will start to dry. That's OK. 

When it has a nice group of leaves it is ready to plant in a pot.

Just plant the whole plant and watch it really take off. 

I punched holes in the bottom of a coffee can for my pot. I keep this pot in a sunny window. However I may move it outside. There are 3 stalks up with another tiny one appearing in the middle. You can harvest the outer stalks as needed and it will continue to produce. 

 I call this my Forever Celery. There are other veggies that you can re-grow. I think I will try onions and lettuce next.   

Wishing Love, Peace, Health, and Wealth to ALL!



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