Sunday, March 8, 2015

Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue

Yesterday ( 03/07/2015) a local nature preserve (The Pettit Preserve) hosted a Wildlife Rescue Do's and Don'ts event. The guest speaker was a lady from Atlanta's AWARE Wildlife Center .

She had a Barn Owl and a Barred Owl. They were injured and could not be released into the wild. 

We all learned that unless an animal is severely injured you should protect them for a short while. Let them be if they are babes and not hurt....since their mothers are usually close by. 

She also had a very sleepy full grown opossum. This opossum was found by someone who thought they were doing the right thing...feeding him dog food. Turns out this caused problems with bone development. Due to this the opossum is unable to thrive in the wild. 

A Box Turtle was run over by a lawn mower. This damaged her shell and she lost her back right foot. She can't thrive in the wild either. I learned that you should never pick-up a turtle by their shell. This could depress their lungs and they can suffocate. (Now I feel guilty as I did this as a child. However I didn't hold them for more than a few seconds.)

Go to Chattahoochee Nature Center to learn more about what to when faced with an injured wild animal or a problem with say woodpeckers pecking your wood siding or squirrels...etc in your attic. 

The weather was wonderful. A few photos around The Pettit Preserve. This preserve is beautiful!

Three Generations enjoying Nature

Son-In-Law and a tickled Granddaughter running down a hill

A lovely View....Love the Carvings in the Tree

Another beautiful View

Oldest Granddaughter being funny

Cool Bridge

Wishing Peace, Love, Health and Wealth to ALL!



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