Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Atlanta Botanical Garden ~ Summer 2014

My daughter recently treated me to a visit at the wonderful Atlanta Botanical Garden. My eldest granddaughter took over my camera. I had to go through over 400 photos. She is a shutterbug for real and she is only 9 years old. Reckon she takes after her grandma and maybe her dad (he works as a director for CNN). So she took most of these photos and has a good eye.

Imaginary Worlds is the theme this year and it is outstanding. They have used nearly 2 hundred thousand plants to form 28 living sculptures. This is the largest exhibition of this kind in the U.S. This exhibit is a partnership between the Atlanta Botanical Garden and International Mosaiculture of Montreal. I have learned the art of mosaiculture is centuries old. 

The Earth Goddess was my favorite
My granddaughter is a young Goddess
Daughter and Granddaughter and those cool gorillas 

Granddaughter took this one of the Ogre and her Mom.
A nice lady took this one of me and my talented granddaughter
My granddaughter took this it!
Francesca loved the waterfall
This friendly Catbird wanted the cheerios my granddaughter was eating
She fed her 2 babes the cheerios
This is a cool lizard that posed for me.
 TheUnicorn was amazing

Love this shot by my granddaughter inside the Fuqua Orchid Center
Francesca took this one of the Rabbits....
....and this one of the Frog in the pond...
and this giant smiling Blackberry in the Editable Garden
Thought I would end with this selfie Francesca took....behind my back. At nine she sure has a great sense of humor. 
Grandma was surprised!

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to All!!!



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