Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lake Sinclair ~ Milledgeville, Georgia

My son and daughter-in-law have a wonderful place on Lake Sinclair located in middle Georgia. Here are a few photos from my recent visit...

Son, Ryan with prize Bass....He turned it lose....

Son and lovely daughter-in-law by the Oconee River in Milledgeville, Georgia

Great Blue Heron at the edge of their back yard.

Cool sign pointing towards their favorite places....with the mileage. 

Female Black-wing Blackbird in their back yard. Not a great photo but a first sighting for me. 

A cool Bat House along the walkway by the Oconee River. I have always wanted a Bat House. 

Spotted this Eastern Kingbird along the shoreline of Lake Sinclair while my son and I were fishing. I was trilled because this was another bird to add to my life list. Just as I was taking a picture of this bird....I had a bite on my line.

After a good 5 minute fight I landed a feisty catfish. That was a fun catch! My son took him off the hook and returned him to the lake. I am chicken when it comes with unhooking a catfish.

This Black Vulture was posing for on the side of the road. Pleased that I have a son that is cool with stopping so I could get a picture.

I love their hammock. Speaking of which...while I was resting in this hammock...I took a picture of the underside of this bird.... the tree top. I am not sure what kind of bird this is. I must ask for help for an accurate ID.
Edit:  This is a female American Redstart. Thanks to Linda Z. for her help!
I had to end with my dear daughter-in-law, Lynne's beautiful white Iris' in full bloom.

Thank-you Ryan and Lynne for an unforgettably wonderful weekend!

I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of Jim Seago.
He was a brother-in-law that divorce never removed him from being family.
May you rest in Peace.

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and All! 



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