Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Taken in my yard on 04/23/14

This photo is of a male in his breeding plumage. 

I am amazed at the number of these birds that have blessed me with their visits. In the past I was lucky to see one or two passing though and stopping at the bird bath. This past winter I had at least six or more hanging around. There are still a few still visiting the suet feeder.

I never knew they would like my bird cakes....but like they do! 

These pretty birds don't nest in Georgia so I will have to say goodbye soon.

What is interesting is their "known" diet.  Beetles, flies, wasps, caterpillars, moths and other insects. They will also sometimes eat berries i.e. poison ivy. 

No wonder they found my bird cakes during this last crazy cold winter.

(Just another reason for you to make my bird cake recipe.)

Happy Birding

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and ALL!



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