Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland ~ Northwest Georgia 02/13/14

Woke-up this morning to an additional four inches of snow. It looked like Winter Wonderland! The first thing I did was grab my camera to document this event....before it melted...

...and melt it did. I went to work at one and got home at five and almost all the snow has melted. It was nice to get out. I was beginning to get Cabin Fever. 

While I have your attention; a few Cedar Waxwings paid me a visit. This was when we were getting the sleet. This was my best photo. 

I was lucky and didn't lose power. But have to fix the water connection to my camper. Also had two large pine tree limbs crash on my Tarp Porch. Oh well....still feel lucky. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!



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