Friday, February 7, 2014

Eastern Bluebirds

It is no secret that Eastern Bluebirds are on the top of my favorite bird list. I love their beautiful plumage (male and female), distinct songs, and devotion to mates and babes. 

I have been blessed to have these sweet birds nest in my bluebird boxes in past years....but they will skip a year. They check-out nestboxes in the Fall and Winter. In the South they have been known to start nesting as early as February....but this year in my area. It has been a cold winter here in NW Georgia. 

A pair visited my yard and bird bath towards the end of January. The female flew into a tree as I was focusing my camera. So only captured this handsome male. 

If you would like to have these birds hang out in your yard. Go to Sialis - Helping Bluebirds to learn how. You will not regret helping these birds continue to thrive grow in numbers.

Wishing you and myself Bluebirds!

Wishing Peace, Love, Health and Wealth to all!



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