Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flat Francesca's Visit

My granddaughter chose me to get the honor of having Flat Francesca to visit. Her 2nd grade class is doing a project based on Flat Stanley written by Dale Hubert. M.E. 
This is such a cute project and I have had major fun with Flat Francesca...
Flat Francesca with a flat picture of the real Francesca
Flat Francesca enjoyed coming to work with me...

She liked the Taco Man because he is flat also.

The Etowah Indian Mounds was our next visit...
It is very interesting to learn about the Native Indians that once had a thriving community in this area!

It was tough to pull Flat Francesca away from the Indian Mounds but we were running late. Our next stop was at the Booth Western Museum...

Whoa! It may look like she got stepped on but this is only a very realistic statue outside the Museum. HeeHaa!
Flat Francesca is a Cheerleader for the Booth Museum!
Pam in the Booth's Gift Shop wanted to introduce Flat Francesca to Cowboy Bob.

Flat Francesca loves my blooming Periwinkles!

There is a bird nest in this birdhouse. Flat Francesca wants to take a look inside to make sure all is well. It is called Monitoring a Bird House. 

A pair of Carolina Chickadees have built a pretty nest mainly of moss!!!

On a closer look you can see the cat furs added to the top. 

Flat Francesca had to pretend to not see this male Northern Cardinal....but she did see him.

My kitty Bobo likes to hang out with Flat Francesca!

I am going to miss Flat Francesca as I will have to mail her back before 04/19/13. It has been a major fun visit!!!

Wishing Love, Health, Peace and Wealth to ALL!  



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