Sunday, November 4, 2012

Progress Report on Camper Redecorating

I have taken a holiday from the blogging world.I needed the break to work on my camper. Progress has been slow but steady. 

First a look at my living area. I finally found a chair and an area rug. Both were reasonably priced. 
I was standing in the kitchen for this shot. 

I replaced the large baker's rack with a utility cart. It is perfect for the toaster oven. This has really opened up the space. My kitty BoBo likes the chair.
I painted an old chest of drawers. It was purchased by my older sister when I was a teen. It is perfect for storage and TV stand. Took me a whole weekend to pain due to sanding and then priming before painting. Plus the handles wouldn't come off so I had to paint them using an artist brush. 
My cat Hecate tried to get into the picture. 

This is a before shot of the bathroom. 
I'm not finished with the final touches but here is a peek. 
I would like a spa look even if it is small. The tree branches are from my dogwood tree. I like the three-dimensional look....but not sure I will keep them there. I'm just playing with the idea of bringing the outside indoors look. 

What I do know is that getting rid of clutter is essential for living a simple life. I am guilty of holding on to things for way to long. So I have been slowly getting rid of my clutter and organizing my cupboards and closets. It seems that I have to think about certain items a day or two before deciding if it is worth keeping. 

The bedroom is next to paint then I will done...I think.

I highly recommend Lowe's Valspar brand of paint. It covers very well. 
Colors used: Limeade/walls in living area and right side of hallway
                     Hint of Cherry/accent wall in living area
                     Twilight Meadow/cabinets, chest of drawers, and closets in hallway. Mixed with
                      white for the bathroom. 
All in semi-gloss for ease in cleaning.   

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and ALL! 



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