Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Immature Hawk Visits

On Halloween my son came for lunch and repaired the floor in the front end of my camper. After we had lunch he was getting ready to leave when this hawk flew into the tree just outside my window. I told Ryan to slowly.... very slowly turn around to see him. He did just before the hawk took off after a grey squirrel. Twice he tried to catch that critter....but missed both times. I was rooting for this beautiful bird of prey and was disappointed that I didn't get a photo. Oh was very exciting action. 

Later that afternoon, I sitting by the window and the hawk returned. He flew into a Pine at the edge of my yard. This time I did get a few shots. 

I knew this was an immature but wasn't sure which one. My son seemed to think it was a Red-tail as did a couple of my birding friends on facebook. Red-tail Hawks are common in my area and do make a meal out of squirrels but I thought the tail wasn't quite right. However...I am far from being a expert. 
 Just to be safe I posted a photo on Birds&Blooms' "What's This Bird" forum (click the link to read the thread).  Thankfully I got an answer from "narnian". She is super good and explains how she determines the ID. I also had a lady on the 
So let me introduce you to a 1st year juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk. They are solitary birds and hunt from a perch. Dines mainly on small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and yes....other birds. 
The Florida subspecies is much lighter than the ones I have here in NW Georgia. 

Thanks to my son Ryan for his help and thanks for the lesson in shooting my pellet gun. It was a fun visit! Thanks to my birding friends on facebook and Birds&Blooms' forums. Bird Watching for their help also. 

To my blogger friends: I regret that I haven't been able to visit your blogs. Hopefully I will get back on the Blogging Wagon soon. Thanks in advance for understanding. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL! Happy Birding!



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