Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Drought Impacts Wildlife

I live in NW Georgia and we have been in a drought for four...five...maybe more years. I have lost count. Not only does a lack of good rainfall affect our trees, flowers and other plants but also our wildlife.
Frogs at my water-garden this past summer
According to Drought Impacts on Wildlife , prolonged drought can created disease in plants and birds/wildlife. Toxins abound when in a dry environment. This explains why some of my plants have had problems producing flowers/fruits. I am not on well water so extensive watering is a no-go for me due to the cost.

Close-up of frog at my water-garden

A drought decreases the natural food sources of our native (migrating) birds. This leads me to recommend that we maintain seed, suet feeders, and water sources from now into infinite. 
Brown-headed Nuthatches at my suet feeder

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, ALL!



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