Monday, September 3, 2012

Remodeling My Camper Phase IV

I was lucky to have Labor Day weekend off so I could paint my faux tile backsplash in my kitchen. I kinda followed this Lowe's how-to video: How to Create a Faux Hand-painted tile. They suggested 9 inch squares but I used 6 inch due to my small space. 

I started with marking out the grid and painting it with the light green paint I used for my living area walls.
Next I made a template for the diamond to be painted in the center of the squares. I used a piece of cardboard and ruler and box cutter.

I applied the template to the area and using a pen marked the diamond. 
I painted the diamonds the same color as the cabinets.
 After the diamonds dried...I added  additional lines in the same green paint.
Yes...I had the coffee flowing.:) After this dried...I added more diamonds.
This is the finished backsplash....
While I was waiting for the paint to dry...I painted my clock. I like the solid modern look with the busy backsplash. 

After pricing cabinet handles I decided to recycle my old ones. First I sprayed them with a primer and then sprayed pained them white. I like the contrast.

On a more personal note....I had my daughter and granddaughter over for lunch today.

They gave me the "thumbs-up" on my camper improvements. 

I would also like to announce that come February 2013....I will welcome a new grandchild. dear daughter is expecting and I am thrilled!

Life is Good.

Wishing Love, Peace, Health, and Wealth to ALL!   



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