Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life Goes On: Time to Heal

I wish to thank my son, daughter, cousins, niece, friends, and blogging friends for the wonderful support since my last post about the my Mom's death and finally learning that she had Narcissistic Personally Disorder. 

The therapy is helping so I only have "moments" of sadness and lost. It feels like my Mom and two Sisters all died at the same time...since I am going No Contact with them. They aren't going to share the estate and it isn't worth enough for me to get a lawyer. I have to admit that it hurts that they will chose the money over having a relationship with me....and my children. But hey...some people are just plain greedy and don't care who they hurt....including family. 

On an up-note....I feel like a bird that has escaped a cage. I had always walked on eggshells around them and couldn't be my true self. Now at the age of 60 I have discovered my wings and can talk freely about how I have been abused. 

Brown-headed Nuthatch
Nature has really been a help in my healing. I often just sit and watch without trying to get a photo. is good to just sit and enjoy the birds. 

Female House Finches, Goldfinch,and Carolina Chickadee

Female Eastern Bluebird

This male Eastern Bluebird took control of the birdbath!

"The Truth Will Set You Free"
Thanks Sandie of Chatty Crone for this reminder. It is so true!

Wishing Peace, Health,Wealth,and Love to ALL!



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