Sunday, June 10, 2012

Support Wildlife ~ Throw A Party

Last weekend was very stressful and not simple. Saturday started out just dandy. I did my normal house chores then loaded my car with my garbage to take to the Dump. The plan was to venture on to town to do some shopping. 

Car cranks up just fine. Go to the Dump and do the garbage/recycle thing. Get back into car and it will not start. It is dead. Nothing works. It is really dead....oh my.  

This nice man notices my problem and tries to help. He finds some severed wires and gets some wire from one of the recycle bins to fix them. This doesn't work. My car is still dead. We try to jump it off but he thinks my jumper cables aren't any good. So....he goes and a battery he happens to have lying around. After several tries and 2 hours my car finally starts. Yes! I could go do my shopping. 

I got to the grocery store which is about a 20 minute drive. I then tried to start my car and it was dead again. Darn it. I call my Roadside Assist and they can't get there for at least an hour which turns out to be two. In the meantime three different nice men try to help. The battery on loan refuses to hold a charge. Huh? They form a huddle and think it might be my alternator. 

The Roadside Assist arrives and tests the battery. It shows borderline on his cloudy tester. He is in a van so I have to call Roadside Assist again for a tow.  This tow cost me $24.00. That was all the cash I had on that was a good thing. 

I finally got home and the nice guy at the Dump said he would come and fix my car on Sunday.

He really worked hard to get my car running so I could go to Advance Auto for a new battery. 
Turns out his battery tested bad and mine was really dead. This nice guy had also stripped the battery posts so I had to replace them. It took them two hours to get the posts in correctly. They tested the alternator and it passed. 

I wish to thank Dillon (who was off the clock), Tyler, and especially Gloria (who figured out how to install the posts) for not giving up. These young people deserve a raise. Yes... I am singing their praises to Advance Auto!

I also wish to thank Charlie (the backyard mechanic) for his help. He had this interesting plate on the front of his cool vintage T-bird. I thought this was very funny!

I also wish to thank the guys and gals who tried to help me at the grocery store.

Now I need to throw a party to support Wildlife and invite all that were kind enough to help a lady in distress. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health and Wealth to ALL!



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