Saturday, June 2, 2012

Remodeling A 1971 Park Camper~Help Please!

I have lived in this camper for a little over 10 years. It is long due for a redo. My son Ryan has been a huge help: Ryan replacing my bedroom floor . 

It took two weekends but I managed to get the rest of the carpet out. It is now sadly in a landfill. Sure wish it could have been recycled. Oh well. 

I love being carpet free but discovered that part of the floor under the window air conditioner has rotted. This is due to the first one not being installed correctly. When I noticed the condensation, I had it corrected...but it was obvious too late...sigh

But that is not your problem. Ryan (my wonderful son) will get here to repair the floor...when he is able. He has a huge remodeling job on the other side of Atlanta. I will patiently wait...since he is the best.

In the meantime...I would like some ideas on how to redecorate my small space.

Here is the before carpet: 
 Here is the after carpet removal picture:

I didn't realize how tough it is to decorate a small space. 
Any and All thoughts will been appreciated!!!

Wishing Peace, Health,Wealth, and All! 



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