Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Nurture of Nature ~ The Oprah Magazine

A co-worker shared Oprah's June 2012 issue and this article really caught my eye. It is on page 116 under "Feeling Good". I am doing a recap and using my own photos. 

The top of the page headline was "Reap while you sow". 
Studies in Norway (per Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez) have discovered that folks with moderate to severe depression who took part in a horticultural program experienced reduced symptoms after 12 weeks. This leads to making gardening an ideal distraction from the rumination that fuels depression.

"Exercise in open air."
The study done in 2011 showed that folks who walked on an "outside" track moved at a faster pace, perceived less exertion, and experienced more positive emotions than those who walked on an indoor devise (treadmill). 

 "Notice the scenery."
Korea's Chonnam National University has done studies that show that just looking at a natural scene activates parts of the grain associated with balance and happiness. 

"Evaporate depression."
It appears that "negative ions~particles that are plentiful near waterfalls, breaking waves, and river rapids....can act as natural antidepressants...per Columbia University researchers.
(Sorry that I don't have an "negative ion" photo to share. Hope this one works.:)).

"Walk in the woods."

Japanese researchers have learned that women who spent two to four hours in the woods on two consecutive days experienced about a 50 percent increase in the activity of cancer fighting white blood cells.
I have always known that being outside in nature made me feel better an often times great! 

Check out this article in O and the book Your Brain on Nature by Eva Selhub,MD and naturopath Alan Logan. They explore the incredible physiological effects of being outdoors.

This book is on my must read list!!!

Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth,and Love to ALL!



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