Saturday, June 30, 2012

High Temps = Keeping the Bird Baths Full

There is a major heat wave in many parts of our country. Northwest Georgia experienced record breaking highs today and tomorrow is expected to do the same. 

This is the time to make sure you keep fresh water in your bird baths. They are more popular than feeders. Even if you choose to not to have bird can attract birds by having a water source. 

I filled my bird bath(s) with cool water and it took seconds for the birds to arrive and enjoy.
 Female House Finches,female Goldfinch, and Carolina Chickadee

 Brown-headed Nuthatch...panting and waiting for a turn at the bird bath
 Carolina Chickadee,male Northern Cardinal, and female House Finch
 Eastern Bluebird...panting
 Female House Finches and female Northern Cardinal allowing the male Eastern Bluebird to bathe
American Robin

Please help our birds during this heat wave. Any shallow container will more than 2 inches of water is ideal. Make sure you position it where you can view it from inside the comfort of your cooled home. You will be me!

Wishing Peace,Love,Health,and Wealth to All!



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