Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eastern Towhee ~ World Bird Wednesday

It has taken years to get a photo of an Eastern Towhee perched off the ground. Last week I got lucky. This male allowed me to get these photos.

Click the photos to get a really good look at this handsome bird. I love their red eyes. The ones in south Georgia are said to be white. Maybe one day I will be able to share a picture of them.

They always announce themselves before they arrive. Clink the link to listen to their "drink the tea" call.

Eastern Towhee ~ Call ~ Source: Cornell's All About Birds

These are delightful birds...I wish I could find one of their nests so I could photograph it. 

If you Love birds like I do then you will love visiting Springman's World Bird Wednesday  for more information and photos about birds from around the World!

Wishing Peace, Love, Health,and Wealth to ALL!



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