Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Story About Two Bird Houses

BAD NEWS: The Carolina Wren nest in the old basket failed. Since the nest was clean and not disturbed...I knew the predator must has been a Rat Snake. This was sad but this is nature.

GOOD NEWS: They built a nest in one of the Bluebird Houses....which is baffled to prevent snakes and other climbing predators from raiding the nest.
At first I thought this may be a House Sparrow's nest but had a very upset Carolina Wren fuss at me like crazy while checking the nestbox. Gee...I didn't know they could get that angry!

Oh,let me is the two bird houses in question...
....they are approximately 25 feet apart. Last year Bluebirds and Carolina Chickadees nested at the same time in peace. 
The male Bluebird checks the box with the Carolina Wren's nest.
Then he checks the other (empty) box.
Now he is back at the other box.
He calls in his mate to give a second opinion.
She checks both nestboxes.
It's impossible to tell which one she likes...or if she likes either. They are very picky about where they nest.
Since Carolina Wrens are so fiesty...I'm not interfering. The male will build dummy nests so this may be one. My hopes are that the Bluebirds will decide that the nestbox on the right will be the right one for the Carolina Wrens can nest in peace. 

Peace...did I say Peace? 
Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth,and LOVE to ALL!
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