Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Male Blue Grosbeak ~ World Bird Wednesday

This gorgeous male Blue Grosbeak decided to strike a pose....well actually three poses for me before heading for his favorite feeder.

Here is the first pose which is nice....
Here is the second.....

.....which is my favorite, I think.
Now for the third.....
Hey...I like this one also. Dang I can't decide which one I want to print and frame. 

Please cast a vote in an reply on your favorite to help me decide. 

I must share that these birds are shy so an opportunity like this seldom happens...when I am watching that is.

Please take the time to visit World Bird Wednesday for Springman's wonderful opening post and to find a great list of birding blogs from around the World!

A heads-up to my readers: I was interviewed by Emma Springfield of Nature Center Magazine this week. If you would like to learn more about me the interview will be published on Thursday May 24. Hope to see you at this always interesting site devoted to Nature!

Wishing Peace, Health,Wealth,and Love to ALL!



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