Monday, April 23, 2012

Eastern Bluebirds Drive Me Crazy!

Yep...every year I get all wound-up wondering if these beauties will nest in one of my three Bluebird Houses or not. So...this year is no different. They seem to be interested in the Brown-headed Nuthatches nestbox. I am glad I had a nuthatch portal guard to keep them out. The nuthatches deserve to nest in peace. heart longs for those Blues to nest near I can enjoy their supreme beauty and wonderful little songs. 
Not very focused but I had to take this in a hurry. Just wanted y'all to know I wasn't fibbing! Yep...the male is spying on the Brown-headed Nuthatches.

Back to their songs. I woke-up last Saturday and heard them. If you ever hear them sing you will never forget it. If you ever have them nest for you and observe what good parents they are you will never forget them. They will grab your heart and never let go. Yes...
...these birds are that special! 

This morning when I left for work the male was on top a vacant nestbox doing his special wing wave to signal his mate. Hopefully they have started a nest. I will check the box tomorrow. Wish me a Bluebird nest.

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Wishing Peace,Health, Wealth, and Love....and Bluebirds to ALL!



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