Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day ~ Wildflower Hike on Dobbins Mountain

This is my post for Earth Day
Just trying to save a mountain
No matter what they say......
It is up to us to help maintain.

My daughter, granddaughter, a friend, myself, and other concerned folks hiked up Dobbins Mountain last weekend. This hike was led by Wildflower/Plant specialist Jim Allison who is retired from the Georgia Department of Resources. His mission is to search and document all the rare plants growing on the mountain. This would help delay the Georgia Department of Transportation from building a road though it. (Click HERE to read my previous Dobbins Mountain posts.)
Fellow hikers, Jim, my granddaughter,and daughter

This is a sample of the wildflowers and other cool sightings. My favorite was the Pink Ladies' Slipper. Click to enlarge the photo to get a better view. 

Please visit Coalition for the Right Road  to sign the Petition (if you haven't already done so). You can help to save this beautiful mountain from becoming a 4 lane highway. It will only take a couple of minutes.  
You don't have to live in Georgia to sign and you would be giving our future generations a wonderful Earth Day gift!

Jim has thus far found one very rare wildflower growing on the mountain the Georgia Aster. However we have to wait until Fall to see it bloom. 

Many thanks to Jim for being patient with my inquisitive granddaughter and freely sharing his knowledge! 
Update:  My Granddaughter just called after seeing this post and asked "Why does the Government want to put a road though Dobbins Mountain?" 
It just registered with her what was happening. Sadly,I couldn't give her a reasonable answer....sigh.

Happy Earth Day!

Wishing Peace,Love,Health,and Wealth to ALL!



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