Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birding On Dobbins Mountain ~ Cartersville,Georgia

Yesterday I joined a nice size group for a birding hike on Dobbins Mountain. The hike was led by Joshua Spence....

Joshua Spence, who has 16 years of experience in bird identification in north Georgia, will lead the birding hike through the wildlife refuge. Last year, Spence completed 24 trips to the refuge and he documented the presence of 89 different bird species. More than half of those species were neotropical migratory birds that breed in the United States and during the winter in Mexico, Central America and South America....
One of the rarest bird species not on the Endangered Species List, the Cerulean Warbler, was discovered in the wildlife refuge and is known to spend the winter in South America. Of the 89 species found within the wildlife refuge, 10 are of special conservation status and 46 were found nesting or exhibiting nesting behavior. In addition, bald eagles are observed at Cartersville Ranch approximately 35 times a year, and were seen several times last year during wildlife surveys. 
copied from Coalition for the Right Road website
Josh is very very good at identifying a bird by sound. This knowledge comes in handy when birds are hiding in the foliage. 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get photos of all the birds seen or heard. Here are the birds I managed to capture. 

The Great Blue Heron's nest is not great due to my limited zoom on my PowerShot. You can make out some good size babes! 
This is the list of the other birds seen and heard ( I probably missed a few):  
Female Summer Tanager
Palm Warbler (I wish I had gotten a pic but was able to add to my Life List.)
Great Crested Fly Catcher
Blackpoll Warbler (another added to my Life List.)
Wood Thrush
Hooded Warbler
Red-eyed Vireo 
Many thanks to Josh for a great birding adventure on Dobbins Mountain! 
Some parting shots....
Mary Martin and Steve Taylor
Mary plays a key role in making sure the events for saving Dobbins Mountain goes smoothly.
Steve Taylor is running for County Commissioner. 

I can't remember the ID of this bird...dang it.

Up the mountain we go!

If you are new to my blog or haven't signed yet... please go to Coalition for the Right Road and sign the petition to save Dobbins Mountain from being destroyed. The Georgia Department of Transportation is planning to blast though it in order to put a link from Rome, GA to Atlanta, GA. 
There is a another route they could take. It would have less of a negitive impact on our precious birds and wildlife and cost much LESS! 
Determine for yourself if this small mountain is worthy of saving!

Wishing Peace, Health, Wealth, Love, and sweet Birds to ALL!



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