Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cedar Waxwings and Chinese Privets

A few days ago I heard a large flock of birds just outside my camper. I thought they were European Starlings so didn't take my camera as I headed out to drive to work. Well...those birds turned out to be Cedar Waxwings! I ran back inside to get my camera and took many pictures using my car as a Blind. But only got this one decent photo. It was tough due to the foliage.

Cedar Waxwings only visit my place in Winter. They have feasted on holly berries in the past but this year they were enjoying the bumper crop of berries of this troublesome invasive: Chinese Privet. This plant is a big problem in the southeast. It overtakes and crowds out our native plants. Yet it produces berries that our native birds they help to keep it going. 

Three years ago I had a friend cut down these bushes/trees hoping to be rid of them. Instead they have multiplied 3 fold. I am forever pulling up spouts in my yard/garden! 

I just found this site which offers a solution: Exotic,Invasive and Problem Plants

Peace,Love,Health,and Wealth to ALL!

OK...I'm not able to keep on top of this dang plant....but I did enjoy the Cedar Waxwings' visit. 



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