Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brown-headed Nuthatch Nest Drama!

Last weekend was spent in Atlanta babysitting my granddaughter. Before I left I checked the nestbox and all was well. When I returned late Sunday afternoon the first thing I noticed was a male Eastern Bluebird on top of the nuthatches nestbox.

Oh. No. I thought! Bluebirds will overtake a nestbox of of smaller native bird. I learned this the hard way a few years back when they ran off and built a nest on top of a Carolina Chickadee's nest. This is when I first learned about Hole Restrictors,Guards or Portals  for Birdhouses thanks to Evelyn (my very wise Bluebird mentor). 

Evelyn strongly suggested that I order a couple of these portals made of copper. I ordered one for Chickadee size and one for Nuthatches.  When mounted on the entrance hole of a nestbox it prevents a Bluebird and other larger sized birds from entering the nestbox and overtaking it. (Bluebirds need an entrance hole with the diameter of 1.5 inches.)

OK...back to last Sunday. I quickly checked the nest hoping that the Blues hadn't already booted the little nuthatches out. 

Whew! All was well...thank goodness.

I swiftly found the Nuthatch Portal and attached it to the nestbox. I retreated and waited to make sure Mrs. Nuthatch would accept the copper addition. Within seconds she flew straight into the box without any hesitation....and the male Bluebird was right behind her!!!

Sorry Mr. Blue....this nestbox is taken and the door is way too small for you. are more than welcome to the one just a few feet to your right or the one on the other side of the yard. I sure hope you make one of them home!!!

Being a Bird Landlord can be nerve-racking but it is really worth it! 

Click HERE for the 2010 post where I added a Chickadee Hole Restrictor and saved the nest.

To order Nestbox Portals go to Bluebird Nut Cafe Forums and click on the Bluebird Bazaar. 

Update: This photo shows the Nuthatch that I presume is the female peeking out of the portal.

I'm joining World Bird Wednesday after a long holiday. Please check out all the wonderful Bird Blogs on this very bird cool bird meme!

Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth...and LOVE to ALL!



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