Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year...A New Way...

....of living. This is the ideal time to look at your life and make adjustments that will lead to better health and happiness. 

Carolina Chickadee

Observing nature is a great stress reliever. Try hanging bird feeders filled with black oil sunflower seed near your "easy to see out" windows. Make my Bird Cakes (see side margin for recipe) for your suet feeders. Have a camera? Photographing bird/wildlife is major fun and challenging! 

Try it and share your photos on your Social Sites of choice. Maybe...just maybe we will help save our native birds by merely loving them by sharing them.

About the Atkin's Diet: I love this way of eating! I cheated a bit during Christmas but am back on track. As of today: lost 5 inches in my waist. Yeah!!!

Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth, and Love to ALL!!! 



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