Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birding the Net Contest ~ Review

The National Audubon Society pitched this novel contest. They timed it to start the same week that the"wonderful birding" movie The Big Year  hit the theaters. This was a very well thought out plan using the Social Media giants Facebook and Twitter. I didn't hesitate to jump on board and quickly added a "birdhouse" with cute animated birds to go with it. (As many of you may have seen and now they are gone.)

Great Blue Heron ~ Bartow County, Georgia

It was kinda hard for me to keep up since I work full time. Last weekend I managed to catch-up and collect all the 32 birds that had been released. I really would have loved to win that Cannon camera!

Monday (11/07) was the last day of the contest. I took my laptop to work and tried to find the last 2 birds between customers. I was a birder obsessed. My boss and co-workers were very understanding while I clicked on the clues. There must have been a very  clever mastermind to create the clues! 

Great Blue Heron ~ Bartow County, Georgia 

I found the 33rd bird a Vireo while at work. The last bird a Sandhill Crane was very,very elusive. I finally found him at approximately 11:04 pm EST at home and finished #523. 

Bottom line:I may not have won the Cannon Camera... but learned that this was a wonderful way to promote bird-watching. While searching for "birds" I was directed to wonderful websites and blogs...which share my vision and desire to help save/protect our native birds and wildlife.

So...I feel like a winner after all! 

Learn more about this cool contest Here. Play it Again Sam! (wink-wink)

It is a honor to be part of  World Bird Wednesday. Check it out!

Happy Birding!

Peace,Health,Wealth, and Love to ALL!



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