Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pow Wow in Euharlee,Georgia ~ World Bird Wednesday

Last weekend Euharlee,GA  hosted one of the best and most spiritual Pow Wows I have ever attended! Since my great-grandmother was full blooded Cherokee....I have always been interested in my Native American roots thus always have enjoyed these events. 
I had a wonderful "Indian Taco" which was fry bread with pinto beans,onions, lettuce,cheese,and salsa. Whoa... was very yummy.  Not only did I see some old friends (including a couple that I only knew on facebook) but made a new one who took a very special picture of me and a new feathered friend ......keep reading and you will see. 

First I wish to honor the dancers and my Native friends with this collage of my photos. You must click to enlarge to fully appreciate!

Winged Ambassadors provided a wonderful Birds of Prey Show. I was so taken with these birds. 

This Eastern Screen Owl (Nadia) was hit by a car and suffered damage to an eye. There is no way she could make it in the wild. She now helps educate tells folks how special her kin are and to give them the "right away".

Lobo is a Harris Hawk (Lifer for me) who was bred for educational purposes. He flew around from tree to tree but came back when called. I noticed that he had a tracking device attached to his tail. 

This is Quasi, the cool Turkey Vulture. He was ugly but so dang cute and demanding!

Banshee the North American Barn Owl. Boy...was this bird vocal!

Last but not least and my favorite......

Meet Eurasian Eagle Owl who was bred for educational purposes. 
Just look at his hairy/feathery talons!!!

It was a life-changing experience looking into Czar's huge yellow eyes. I had to fight back tears. He touched my heart and soul. I was honored to be able to hold him.
Many thanks to new friend Tommy Hutto for capturing one very special moment with Czar. birds? Check out World Bird Wednesday for a great fix!

Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth,and Love to ALL!



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