Tuesday, October 25, 2011

American Robin ~ World Bird Wednesday

I can't remember the exact year but it must have been in the mid 1950's when my Daddy showed me a nest in the fork of one of the maple trees in our front yard. This nest made of grass and mud held 4 tiny beautiful blue eggs. I was entranced. 

This is my first memory of birding with my Dad. He taught me to respect the nest and watch from a distance. I will never forget when the eggs hatched. He gently lifted me up so I could see the baby birds. interest in birds began with the American Robin. 

The American Robin is known as the classic songbird. And boy can they sing! (Click Here to listen to their various songs and calls.) 

They are also the basic bird used to measure most other songbirds. The question: "Is it larger or small than a robin?" is a standard well known in the American birding community. 

These dear birds were named by early European settlers because they reminded them of their European Robin which also has a brick-red breast but is smaller. It is funny that these two birds are not related! Our Robin is in the thrush family and is kin to the European Blackbird (which is NOT related to our American blackbirds) of the nursery rhyme: "Sing a Song of Sixpense". Remember this line? "Four-and-twenty blackbirds baked in a pie." Are you confused yet?

American Robins are year-round birds here in the South. But nest as far north as Alaska and are noted as the "Harbingers of Spring" in Northern areas. 

To attract these cool birds to your yard is the same as with any songbird: Food.Water.Cover. With the emphasis on water. These birds LOVE to bathe! 

Check out World Bird Wednesday for a Birder fix!

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