Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Tanager ~ World Bird Wednesday

Last weekend while watching the many Hummingbirds I noticed a strange bird checking out my suet feeders. As I reached for my camera my mind was trying to match a name to this pretty bird. My first guess was a female Summer Tanager....but I wasn't sure. Summer Tanagers are rare visitors even though I live within their nesting range. Turns out my guess was correct.

My past sightings were of them bathing in my bird baths so this was surprising behavior. After digging around I did read on WhatBird that they would eat suet and like peanuts. So this is only new to me. They are fattening up for migrating to their wintering grounds in Central and South America. 

This lovely bird came back for another photo shoot the next day. This shot was my favorite. 

I have posted a picture (my only) of the male in a couple of past I won't bore you with a repeat. It is interesting that they are the only totally red native birds in North America. They like to catch bees/wasps in flight, beat them to death on a branch, rub the stingers off....and eat them.  Maybe one day I will get lucky and witness one making a meal out of a mean old wasp!

I love being a part of Springman's World Bird Wednesday! Springman always has something great to say plus outstanding photos. Trust will not be disappointed. I am also impressed with the talent of the other birding blogs from every corner of the Earth!

Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth and Love to ALL!



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