Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mourning Dove ~ World Bird Wednesday

Mourning Doves are regular visitors at my place. They came about their name because of their sad sounding cooing

When Mourning Doves fly their wings make a distinct musical whistle. They have been clocked at 55 mph with bursts at 60! Still...I have witnessed a Hawk (Cooper's I think) nabbing one in my yard. It was heartbreaking due to the poor dove's mate chasing after the Hawk and sounding the alarm call. Such is Nature. 

Mourning Doves are Songbirds and also a Game Bird.  In fact they are the most widespread and numerous game bird in North America! Last Saturday (09/03/11) was opening day of Dove Season in Georgia. This can cause a rift between non-hunters and hunters. I may only hunt with a camera but know that hunters have done much to help reserve habitats and most do hunt responsibly. My son is one such hunter. 

According to lore and legends the dove represents Peace,Maternity, and Prophecy all of which are  Feminine Energies. The song was linked to water since they would return to waterhole to drink at dusk. Listen to their cooing here and see it doesn't stir your internal waters? You can also hear the musical sound of their wings during flight.

They don't read the bird books that say they only feed on the ground. They are hogs at my seed feeders.  

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Wishing Peace, Health,Wealth,and Love to All!



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