Saturday, September 3, 2011

Critters other Than Birds!

If you are a regular reader than you may think I only have Birds and a few Grey Squirrels in my yard/garden. Well...think peaceful place is home to many native critters. This is a sample.....

I think this is a Southeastern Skink. I use to play with these as a child on the farm in North Carolina.  Their tails would break off easily and I never got to catch one. 

I was on my Laptop at my viewing window last week and noticed a movement on the far left side of the window. It was this little frog. I have no idea how it got inside...but knew that if I didn't get him outside ASAP... my cats would love to play/torment him and maybe eat him. I used a small canning  jar to catch him and released him outside. I'm not sure what kind of frog he could be. Any help with an ID would be greatly appreciated. He was so cute!
Edit : Rob Barron a friend on facebook said this was a Grey Treefrog. Thanks Rob!!!

This is my resident wild rabbit. It was in the frozen mode because my dang neighbor's cat was stalking it. Luckily it got away and lived to return to munch on my weeds.

One recent morn while having my morning coffee at my viewing window...I looked out and caught a rare photo opportunity of a female White-tail Deer. 

She sighted me! 

This morning I looked out and this was crawling in my yard....

....a pretty long Black Racer. This is the first snake I have seen here this year. He/she was wet so I think it had been swimming in my water garden. Maybe this explains why some of my Goldfish have vanished. 

Wishing All a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Peace, Health,Wealth,and Love!



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