Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Bird Sighting ~ World Bird Wednesday

For days this itty bitty grey bird had been flitting from branch to branch on the Serviceberry Tree outside my camper's prime bird watching window. He/she wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get photo or a chance of an ID.

Finally I was able to get a couple of so-so shots. I looked it up and determined it was a Blue-gray Gnatchatcher. To confirm this ID I posted the pictures on Birds & Blooms Magazine's Community Chat Boards in the Bird Watching Forum. (You can read the thread Here.) Many thanks to Narnian for her help! She is quite good and has helped many a birder with bird ID's on Birds & Blooms. 

This bird is only about 4 inches long and slender. Due to the fact that they are almost in constant motion it is no wonder I had a tough time getting a photo. She (I think it is a she) seems interested in my suet feeder. Since their main meal of choice are insects...this doesn't surprise me. They are in my area only in Summer so I guess this one will be migrating soon. 

Due to cropping the photos to get a closer look at the details this tiny bird looks much larger than life. 

I am a very happy camper since I can add this sweetie to my Life List! 

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Wishing Peace,Health,Wealth, and Peace to ALL!



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