Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brown Thrasher ~ World Bird Wednesday

Brown Thrashers are in the same family of birds as Mockingbirds and Catbirds. Since I have all tree birds has been a challenge to determine which bird is singing because they all can mimic other birds and even sounds of motors, doorbells,mowers,etc. I'm not perfect at ID'ing them by song only but have learned that they repeat song phases unlike the Mockingbird. They also have a smacking sound at intervals.   

They are the state bird of Georgia and although are listed with a "Least Concern" Conservation Status....Georgia has seen a decline in numbers maybe due to loss of habitat and/or use of pesticides. Thickets, bushy scrubs are where they nest. They eat insects, fruit, and nuts. During certain times of the year they will visit my suet feeder. They love my homemade bird cakes! The link for the recipe is in the right sidebar.

Click Here to learn more about this striking bird! 

Mama was feeding her two babes blueberries. They were almost as large as her! 

It was fun to watch them take a dust bath on an ant hill. This is called Anting. It is believed the ants will control parasites on the bird's feathers. 

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