Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recent Bird Happenings ~ WBW

A few weeks ago I purchased a Squirrel Proof suet feeder because the dang squirrels had demolished my old one. It is a suet holder within a cage and does keep the squirrels out but also the larger birds or so I thought. 

The larger birds would try to reach my homemade bird cakes and I felt sad even though I have another one they can reach on a baffled pole. After many tries finally this male Northern Cardinal succeeded!
It's a tight squeeze.... 
.....but he didn't get stuck. Which was one big concern!

Visit World Bird Wednesday to see Birds from around the World!

P.S. Three out of five Eastern Bluebird eggs have hatched. I took this picture before heading to work this morning. Mama and Papa Blue waited patiently on the power line while I took a quick look and picture. It is always thrilling to have new hatchlings! More on this family to come.

Peace,Health,Wealth, and Love to ALL!



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