Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Latest Bluebird News ~ World Bird Wednesday

The second Eastern Bluebird nest looks finished but on last check there were no eggs. The pair and their juveniles from the first nest disappeared for a few days. My thought was they didn't like the higher than normal temps. But what do I know what a Bluebird thinks? Anyway the family thankfully eased my worried mind last weekend. I was even finally able to get a photo of the juvenile. 

This Teenager appears to be angry at poor Mom because she was taking some Me time. 
Just like a kid...huh?

All the while Dad is singing a happy tune above the bath in the pine tree ignoring the riff. 

We have to give Dad a break...he actually helped build the nest!
I was impressed. However the juvenile Northern Cardinal wasn't.

We will have to hope that they will have a successful second nesting. I plan to add a thick piece of Styrofoam to the roof after the first egg has been laid to help protect the eggs from frying in this heat. It is important to wait after the first egg as the pair will have bonded to the egg and not be scared away from the nestbox. 

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Peace,Health,Wealth,and Love to All!



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