Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blue Jay ~ World Bird Wednesday

As a child many a late afternoon or early evening my Dad and I would scatter leftover cornbread in a bare area of our backyard. We would then sit in the lawn chairs and watch all the birds come in for this treat. One of the first birds to arrive would be a Blue Jay. 

They were bullies but a few other birds would sneak in and grab a morsel of the tasty cornbread. I would copy and color the Blue Jay picture from the Audubon Bird Cards that my Dad gave back when I was seven or eight (sadly they got lost). I thought he was not only beautiful but a very brave bird. My Dad would admire my drawings and agree with a smile at my observations.  

In spite of their bad habits they process many positive qualities. I have witnessed them joining in with their cousin Crows to driving off Hawks. Now that was a sight to behold. I kinda felt sorry for the Hawk. A couple of summers ago a Blue Jay was having causing a ruckus in my yard. I went out and discovered a Rat Snake. He was after the baby Bluebirds. I in debt to this fearless bird and am very happy to have them around. They are the watch dog of the world of birds. Oh...I read that Naturalists of the olden days thought that the Blue Jay entertained him/herself by imitating Red-tail Hawks. Maybe this is true.  

Speaking of Crows....this is the best shot I have ever gotten of these camera shy members of the Corvidae Family. American Crows have very sharp eyesight. Better than mine!

I will close with a recent photo of my waterlily bloom. I think the "Stars" are Fairies! 

 TIP: The Burlap bag on the bottom right is filled with Barley. It is the natural and safe way to eliminate algae. I purchased the Barley Bag at my local feed store. It will last for 2 months and I can testify that it works!

Visit Springman's World Bird Wednesday for more birds! His post is a great one on the Brown Thrasher. 

Now I want to bake some yummy Cornbread for me and the birds!

Peace,Health,Wealth, and Love



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