Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yellow-breasted Chat/World Bird Wednesday

Had a Birder drive up from mid Florida to bird watch at my place last weekend. I have to say it was a successful day as a total of 23 different species of birds were sighted! We both agreed that the Yellow-breasted Chat visiting my water-garden was best in the show. Why? Because they are very shy and secretive birds. I was lucky to get these captures. 

This was just my second sighting and the first was also at the water-garden. Their diet is insects and fruit so don't expect them to visit a seed feeder. The thick shrubs and thickets that surround my yard are a perfect place for them to nest. I hope to get more photo opportunities this summer.

It is listed as our largest warbler but according to Cornell Labs the "genetic data suggest it isn't a warble at all" (Yellow-breasted Chat/Life/History). 

OK...You who are the Powers that Rule the Naming of Birds....just what family does this bird belong to? Don't leave this bird hanging without a dog-gone family! 

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Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL! 



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