Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Is For Migration

A week ago May 14th was International Migratory Bird Day. I wanted to pen a post then but was busy enjoying the birds visiting my yard.  This Day has grown to include the whole month of May.

Many migrating birds have arrived at my place in NW Georgia and many are continuing on Northward to nest. Northern friends be on the lookout for these new arrivals and give them a nice welcome. After all they have traveled from as far away as South America and endured many hazards along the way. It is amazing that some will nest in Arctic. I like to think my yard is a pit stop for a few of these birds.  

Male Indigo Bunting and Male Blue Grosbeak

Having a healthy yard is not only good for birds and wildlife but also for you and your family. 

Ten Ways to Make a Difference For Migrating Birds from the National Audubon online newsletter is a great place to start to turn your yard into a healthy habitat not only for the birds and wildlife but  for you and your family. 

SE Native Plant: Adam's Needle Yucca in Bloom

It makes me mad that Garden Centers are still selling Invasive Exotic Plants to innocent gardeners. I am going to pull-up the English Ivy that I am guilty of planting when I first moved here and didn't know any better. Yeah, my yard an't perfect yet but I am working on it. Oh well...I will get a good work-out.

Peace,Health,Wealth,plus Love to All!



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