Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Grey Catbirds are Back!

Grey Catbirds can be good mimics so making it kinda hard to ID their songs. Grey Catbirds are viewed by some as being rather plain....but I feel they are handsome birds with their black cap and long black tail. If you are lucky they will show you the undertail coverts of chestnut. Grey Catbirds are also very secretive and elusive. So...I noticed one a little over a week ago but didn't get a pic. Last Sunday, this bird tried to hide from me among the leaves of my Serviceberry Tree. I feel I kinda got lucky.

Grey Catbirds like thickets which explains why they like my place. Thickets abound around my yard. One should listen to their songs because more than likely you will hear them before you see them. Click HERE to learn more and to listen to their songs and calls. Be sure to check-out their range. They cover most of the US. in Summer.

They will visit Bird Baths. I took this photo last year. can kinda see the chestnut/rusty undertail feathers. Maybe this year I will get really,really lucky and get the perfect capture of this challenging bird! 

If you like Birds then you really need to check-out World Bird Wednesday to other fine participating Birding Blogs from around the World!

Thanks for the prayers and concerns due to the recent Tornadoes that hit so near to me. My community has really pulled together and are helping those who suffered major losses. Hugs to all of you!!!

Wishing All Peace, Health, Wealth, and love!



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