Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yard Birds for World Bird Wednesday

Sometimes it is a struggle to find time to play with my camera. Usually I just set it on AV or Auto and snap away. I decided it was time for me to experiment with the Manuel setting last weekend while bird watching in my yard. This is a shot I got at dusk of a male Northern Cardinal on the Shepperd's Hook.   

Minutes later I got this shot of two Chipping Sparrows upset because a third one landed on the middle perch. The two apparently didn't wish to share the seed. They are fun little birds to watch. 

Check out World Bird Wednesday  to not only see Springman's splendid bird photography but to see the many talented participating birding blog from around the world! 

Wishing.....Peace, Love, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL!

PS....I will be using the Manuel setting more often in the future. Learning is fun!



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