Tuesday, April 26, 2011

World Bird Wednesday: Nestlings,Hatchlings and More!

Last week a male Blue Grosbeak showed-up. I have been enjoying this pretty birds every nesting season for the last 3 years. They like the Finch Blend Seed. The Mason Jar feeder is their favorite but as you will notice it is also a hit with the dang Cowbirds. Yeah...that is female Cowbird on the other side of the feeder.

Easter Sunday a male Indigo Bunting finally arrived. One usually shows up the same day as the Blue I was getting a bit concerned. Indigo's are very shy birds so this was the best shot I could get. In time he will get use to me and hopefully I will get a better shot. They also nest somewhere just outside my yard and enjoy the Finch Blend Seed also. 

Welcome Back to two "other" pretty blue birds!

Now for an update on my nesting birds. The Carolina Chickadees are looking like little miniatures of their parents. This is the last picture I will take since it is close to fledging for them. I don't wish to spook them into fledging before they should.  Sure hope I am home when they take their first flight!

I am happy to announce that the Eastern Bluebird eggs hatched this morning (04/26/11)!  It is hard to tell if all 5 eggs have hatched but I think I can see 3 hatchlings so far. One hatchling  responded to my voice by begging for food. Now I am really hooked on Bluebirds! Click on the picture to get a closer look.  Oh...yes I do talk to the birds! 

I hope you will visit Springman's World Bird Wednesday event to see more Birds from around the World! 

Wishing All....Peace, Health, Wealth, and LOVE!  



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