Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eastern Bluebirds Start a Family!

After many long days waiting and wondering if the pair of Eastern Bluebirds were ever going to start a family....I checked the nestbox two days ago before going to work and found the prettiest egg  in the World! (At least it is to me.) I was on cloud nine all day!

I didn't until this morning. I was very pleased to see this lone egg will have siblings. 

The female is laying one egg per day. A clutch size of 3 to 5 eggs is typical. This is an interesting fact: Usually the egg color is this pretty Blue but sometimes a female will lay a White eggs. 

Remember about 20 feet away I have Carolina Chickadees nesting. At last check there were still 4 eggs. Usually they have 5 to 8 in a clutch. Last year there were 6. I will wait to check the nest because even tho I talk while approaching and gently tap on the box....Mama Chickadee decided to wait for me to open the door before flying out. Of course it scared me! She flew to a tree and fussed at me until I left.  So....I will try and watch for her to leave. 

I watched as the male Bluebird peeked inside the Chickadees nestbox and then flew off. Then the Chickadee flew to the Bluebird's nestbox and took a quick peek inside. Guess they will nest in peace even if they are nosy neighbors! 

Eastern Bluebirds have really made a comeback in the last few years. They will visit feeders however the best way to attract them is to add a Bluebird House to an open space in your yard. They don't like being hemmed in. Look on the power lines for them in your neighborhood. They like to hunt insects in open spaces. 

Usually I will hear the Eastern Bluebirds before I see them. Click here to listen to their sweet songs and to learn more about them. Perhaps a pair is waiting for you to provide them with a new home!

Wishing Everyone....Peace, Health, Wealth, Love, and of course Bluebirds!



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