Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day My Way!

Earth Day was created as a day to honor the Mother Earth but I honor her everyday. My Dad was big on respecting the land and wildlife. So he planted the seed in my mind and this is how it has grown.....

I live in a camper. Small = less energy to heat or cool. I use an Energy Star air conditioner. 

I only use cold water to wash my clothes in my energy efficient Wonder Washer. 

The Sun is my clothes dryer. 

I use chemical free cleaning products (they may cost more but last longer) and recycled paper items. The empty Oatmeal box makes a cool holder for my long handled cooking utensils. I also use the compact energy saving light bulbs.   

I used these cement blocks that I found to make a simple compost pile for free.

I grow  herbs, berries around my yard/garden plus a few veggies in containers. 

I do not use chemicals of any kind on my plants. The birds I attract with seeds, water, and nesting spots repay me by keeping the "bad" bug population down. 

Last year I purchased an electric lawn mower. One of the best purchases I have ever made! 

This is just a few of the year-round things I try to do as a way to honor the Earth. It really is a huge part of my life. I dream of having a totally "Green" home complete with Solar panels!

Check out this interesting site hosted by National Geographic Earth Day Facts. I learned a few new things. 

What are you doing to honor our beautiful Planet? 

Wishing You....Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!



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