Tuesday, March 8, 2011

World Bird Wednesday/Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Last Sunday I was able to spend a good chunk of my day at my window watching the birds fly in and out of my yard. All of a sudden the many songbirds scattered and this fine looking Sharp-Shinned Hawk flew onto a fence post. 

This common Hawk is nearly identical to Cooper's Hawk but they are smaller. Their tails are squared compared to the rounded tail of the Cooper's. 

This bird came back three times trying to catch a meal. He was far as I could see from my limited view. 

I have mixed feeling about Hawks. I admire their beauty and powerful energy but don't like it when they nab a pretty, sweet songbird.  But...I do realize this is Nature and they must eat also. 

Check-out the other wonderful entries at World Bird Wednesday . Springman is the gracious host.

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to All!



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