Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Bird Wednesday ~Nesting Birds vs Wasps

I was sitting outside this past weekend watching the Bluebird Houses. I was hoping, hoping, hoping that the Eastern Bluebirds would show-up again and claim one of the nestboxes. Just when I had almost given up when this handsome male showed up....

He flew to one nestbox and looked back at me as if to see if I had noticed his presence. 

He stuck his head in and quickly out. Then a dang Wasp flew out and HE quickly caught it! I couldn't snap the picture fast enough. But I did get this shot of the wasp in his bill. 

Isn't this cool? I never knew they would catch Wasps!

It appears that a pair of Carolina Chickadees have claim one of the other Bluebird houses. I sat and watched them go in and out. I tried to get a photo of them carrying moss (their favorite material) into the nestbox but only got a photo of one carrying something out. I can't be sure but I think it could be a wasp. What do you think? (Left click on the photos to get a closer look.)

Wasps like to build their paper nests in places like Birdhouses. Rubbing a bar of Ivory Soap on the inside roof will make it too slick for the nest to attach. It doesn't bother the birds. But hey...I am now wondering if they need the help! 

Please visit Springman's  World Bird Wednesday for not only to enjoy his splendid bird photos but links to many other outstanding and interesting Birding Blogs!

Wishing Y'all....Peace, Health, Wealth, and Peace!  

Heartfelt Prayers for Japan during their time of need. 



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