Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Nests in Two Bird Houses

My dreams have come true! A pair of Eastern Bluebirds have built a nest in one of the Bluebird Houses and a pair of Carolina Chickadees have done the same in another! A couple of seasons ago they wanted the same nestbox and the poor Chickadees lost. Last season the Chickadees had a successful nesting but the Bluebirds were a no show. (To see the post with a picture of Mama Chickadee sitting on last year's nest click Here .)

I checked the nest a couple of days ago and there weren't any eggs. But every morning Mr Bluebird is on the power line near the nestbox. This is a sign that Mrs. Bluebird is on the nest. Since it has cooled and is raining....I will wait and check the nest later this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. This is a picture of the nest built mainly of pine straw. 

This is the Chickadee's nest built mainly of pretty green moss. I'm not sure exactly what the dried plant fiber is (maybe strips of dried grass).

To finish their nests they use the fur from my inside kitties. Not only is it soft and warm but the female will use it to cover the eggs when she needs to stretch her wings and feed. 

These nestboxes are roughly 20 feet apart with my 7 to 8 ft Crabapple tree between them. It has been said that the Bluebirds and Chickadees will nest this peace. I will let y'all know how it goes. 

Until next time......

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL!



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