Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moonlight Hike to View the Perigee Moon

Last night a friend and I met at the base of Pine Mountain for the monthly Full Moon Hike. This Full Moon was a special one since it was a Perigee Moon. Eighteen years ago was the last time the Moon was this close to Earth. It appeared 30% larger! 

The trail to the top was 1.57 miles. It was quite a workout and it took us almost an hour. We weren't alone in this hike; many folks showed up for this popular event. 

Finally...we made it to the top. There is a nice bench (but it was already taken) and a crop of rocks. The view was fabulous even tho it was a little cloudy. The youngster in my photo was doing practicing his Yoga on the flat rock.

As it drew darker more hikers arrived. It got crowded but it was a jolly and considerate group. Ever so slowly She made her appearance....

I was surprised by her red color. Just a few minutes later She looked like this:

Well....there you have it. This was what the Perigee Moon looked like from the top of Pine Mountain in Cartersville,Georgia. Maybe I will see you there for the Full Moon on April 17th! 

I need to thank Joan/Sharkbytes and her blog My Quality Day . Her hiking adventures have been inspirational. She has gotten me interested in Hiking!

Happy Spring.....and wishing all Peace, Health, Wealth, and plenty of Love!!!



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